Why should you join us?

3 reasons to join us

An Unparalleled University Experience

Travel to destinations around the world, compete against world-class business schools and develop life-long relationships

Transferable Business Skills

Develop analytical skills, communicate effectively and build your confidence to serve you well in school and in your career

A Career Head Start

Leverage our strong senior and alumni network across banks, consulting firms, global MNCs and technology firms as a launchpad for your dream career

Recruitment (AY22/23 – Semester 1)

Apply to Cognitare here!

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis
Applications close on 20th August 2022, 2359hrs

If you would like to read up more about Cognitare, you may view our recruitment links here!

Recruitment timeline for AY22/23 – Semester 1

  • 4th August 2022
    Recruitment Starts

    Applications reviewed on a rolling basis

  • 11th to 12th August 2022
    Vivace – SMU Basement (near gym)

    Q&A and get to know us sessions

    Day 1: 1100 to 1800
    Day 2: 1100 to 1630

  • 18th August 2022
    Information Session

    For you to get to know us better and vice-versa

  • 20th August 2022
    Application Deadline

    Last day of Pre-Screening sign-ups

  • 4th September 2022
    Recruitment Ends

    Welcome to Cognitare