CIBCC 2017 – SMU Emerges as Champions!

Champions at Chulalongkorn International Business Case Competition

Winners of CIBCC Cognitare

Left to right: Jan (SMU Team Ambassador), Bryan Yong Ren Wei (1st year, BBM), Tan Jing Han (2nd year, BSc. Econs and BBM), Prof Ma Kheng Min (SMU Team Advisor), Ishika Mehrotra (1st year, BBM), Bryan Lum Xyuen Hern (2nd year, BBM), and Prim Prima (SMU Team Ambassador)

SMU Team Cognitare Wins Case Challenge at 4th Chulalongkorn International Business Case Competition held in Thailand

SMU’s Team Cognitare, Lee Kong Chian School of Business’s business case club, emerged from a competitive field hailing from four continents to emerge champions for the 24-hour case, and 1st runners-up for the 8-hour case at the 2017 Chulalongkorn International Business Case Competition (CIBCC).

The team which brought home two trophies comprised Bryan Lum Xyuen Hern (2nd year, BBM), Tan Jing Han (2nd year, BSc. Econs and BBM), Bryan Yong Ren Wei (1st year, BBM) and Ishika Mehrotra (1st year, BBM). Organized by the Chulalongkorn University, CIBCC is a prestigious case competition renowned in the international business case competition circuit for being one of the toughest competitions, and aims to showcase the analytical abilities and innovative young minds of business schools from all over the world.

About the Competition

This year’s edition of CIBCC saw fierce competition, including University of Auckland from New Zealand, National University of Singapore from Singapore, and Queen’s University from Canada. It was also the first time that CIBCC moved away from its tradition and ran two parallel competitions alongside each other: an 8-hour short case and a 24-hour long case.

In the preparation for this competition, the team trained intensively since they ended their semester examinations in April, and conducted a thorough analysis of the key industry trends in Thailand.

Short Case (8 Hours)

Bringing home two trophies from the competition was by no means an easy task, but Team Cognitare managed to emerge at the top of the field. In the 8-hour case, the team had to crack a case on Do Day Dream, a Thai producer and seller of local skin care brand Snail White who wanted to find out how they could continue to sustain its stellar growth. They were looking for an implementable, 3-year strategic plan. Within a tight timeframe, Team Cognitare did a thorough analysis of the company and industry, and proposed two key strategies of first, international expansion, and second, an umbrella branding strategy to help Do Day Dream achieve its aims.

Long Case (24 Hours)

The 24-hour case concerned local payment kiosk (Boonterm) provider Forth Smart, who wanted to find out how they could successful run a profitable e-wallet strategy (BeWallet) despite major competitors spending immense amounts of capital to acquire their own users. In this 24 hours, Team Cognitare conducted a deep look into the industry and its key success factors, and understood that it was essential for Forth Smart to leverage on its strong, existing network of Boonterm kiosks. Further analysis of the company then helped the team to conclude that their key advantage over existing competitors was its access to the rural areas attributed to the distribution of its payment kiosks. Eventually, the team proposed two key strategies on how they could attract and retain users of BeWallet in all types of transactions within and outside the rural communities.

The team’s hard work eventually paid off, and was one of two teams who managed to enter the final round for both cases. More than that, the team was also commended by the judges for their unique presentation style, which emphasized the team’s camaraderie.

The success of the team would not have been possible without the support and guidance from the Lee Kong Chian School of Business, professors, alumni, and seniors of the club. More importantly, the outstanding performance of the team once again showcases the quality of SMU students.