Bain & Company Case Competition


The Bain & Company Case Challenge is an annual, intra-university competition for students of SMU organized jointly by Cognitare and Bain & Company Singapore.

BCCC 2015

This competition has been very well received by the SMU student body since its inception and typically sees the participation of 75-80 teams or about 300 candidates. In 2015, Cognitare was able to successfully take the competition to the national level by expanding participation to the countries’ other top universities; National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. This tri-university edition of the competition attracted 150 teams from across the nation.


The Bain & Company Case Challenge functions as the primary channel for the club to spread and popularise the business case culture at SMU. Through the case challenge, Cognitare aims to provide a platform for students to showcase their analytical and presentation skills by applying them to real-life business issues. Participants are also handed an extraordinary networking opportunity to interact with faculty members, industry executives and Cognitare alumni.

Finally, the Bain & Company Case Challenge also serves as a recruitment platform for the club through which it identifies outstanding individuals that exhibit a strong intellectual capacity and the right learning attitude to join Cognitare.