Cheryl Wong

APAC Strategy, LinkedIn

Class of 2013, BBM & BSc Econs

I stumbled onto Cognitare when I was a bright-eyed freshman, not knowing what to expect. Little did I think that Cognitare would become one of my life-changing experiences, which has helped to shape the person I am today.

Cognitare opened my eyes to the world of business case-solving and consulting through the rigorous and intense training provided by my seniors.

The overseas business case competitions in Canada and the US were the highlights of my time with Cognitare, where I had the privilege of sparring with the brightest minds from all over the world. The competitions were also excellent opportunities for me to bond with my team mates and forge lifelong friendships.


Rohan Bahri

Senior Consultant, Oliver Wyman

Class of 2015, BBM & BSc Econs

I was fortunate to join Cognitare in my second semester at SMU. After close to a year in the club I participated in my first competition at the University of Southern California. It was a memorable week spent in and around Los Angeles, capped off by the team’s 2nd place finish out of a field of 30 universities.

Another year of training followed before I participated in the Champions Trophy Case Competition organized by the University of Auckland. This was also a great experience with the team winning the People’s Choice Award and 3rd Place.

After two years in Cognitare I took up the responsibility of Head Trainer and derived great satisfaction from watching my juniors develop through the club’s intensive training programme.

The skills of time management and presentation that are honed at Cognitare held me in good stead during my time at SMU and continue to be valuable even at the workplace.