About SMU Cognitare

Core Focus

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TUBC 2015

Case Competitions

Cognitare’s core activity is participating in business case competitions globally. At competitions, teams are posed with a real business problem that they must find a solution to. Teams are expected to analyse and solve the business case within a specified period of time, typically 24 hours. This requires them to draw on their knowledge across a wide array of disciplines such as finance, marketing, psychology, accounting, economics and management. Teams then have to present their solutions to a panel comprising industry practitioners and the host university’s faculty.


In preparation for such competitions, Cognitare members train extensively and attend primers to develop the requisite skills and expertise needed to excel.

Selection Process

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SMU Cognitare Members


Each year the club evaluates hundreds of candidates, including the top students from each of the university’s six schools, through a rigorous selection process involving multiple rounds of interviews. Candidates are screened on the basis of their analytical ability, logical reasoning, capacity for teamwork and communication skills. The best performing candidates are then invited to join the club and leverage the extensive resources at their disposal.


The club is committed to train and mentor all new joiners with the objective of sending them to represent SMU at international business case competitions.


Cognitare is the business case club of Singapore Management University (SMU). Formed in 2001, just a year after the university’s incorporation, the club has been represented by some of the keenest and sharpest minds of SMU.

The name Cognitare, derived from the Latin word “cognoscere” meaning “to know”, reflects the club’s commitment to learning – from faculty advisors, alumni, seniors and peers. Juniors learn extensively through rigorous training sessions involving the analysis and presentation of business cases.